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Gao Accounting Failures Essay

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The Government Failure in the News lists an article related to the Government Accountability Office and how it found that employees used $146 million of unjustified premium-class airline travel during a one-year travel period, and this was just because they were entitled to use “the perk”.  The investigation reported that the State Department was the one who abused the travel policies the most as they travel abroad more frequently.  What makes this case even more frustrating was the fact that often times subordinates were the ones approving for the high-rank executives.  One person alone spent $163,000 in 25 premium tickets. 

According to the government policy, a traveler may use airline upgrades or first class only in cases where there is a health issue involved, the lack of availability in a coach class or if the agency was in a special mission that required the use of first class seating.  Although the government states the situation is not acceptable and each governmental agency follows the travel policies established by the Government, the truth is they are spending the taxpayer’s money excessively.

In an more recent related news, Fox Business News learned a GSA official fraudulently overbilled taxpayers with personal hotel stays at a luxury hotel in Las Vegas.  It was reported that more than $822,000 were used for a conference for 300 federal workers, which included pent house, suites, mid readers, clowns, expensive catering and a bicycle training exercise.   The government official paid a special rate of $93 per night; however, it charged taxpayers with $1000 per night, pocketing the difference.

This situation is very disappointing because the money tax payers are paying each year is misused by the government.  Although there may be some measures and restrictions that have been made since 2007, it is certain this still happens and there doesn’t seem to be a way to end it.



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