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Gas Chamber Essay

  • Submitted by: slypihed
  • on January 7, 2013
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As a soldier in Basic Training we were required to pass through what they call the “Gas Chamber”. It’s name it self terrifies me. The gas chamber is basically a small room where they stick us inside with tear gas. On the morning of the event my palms start to sweat excessively as I wake with thoughts of what is to come. As we march towards the Gas Chamber site, it was difficult to hold my rifle because of my sweaty palms. My finger tips were wrinkled like raisins due to the excessive sweating. I felt the dampness on my thighs where I continually try to dry my palms on my pants.
Standing in line got even more nerve wrecking as I felt my stomach turn and my heart racing a thousand beats per minute. After putting on the HAZMAT suite, my group was called up to go in the gas chamber. As we stepped in the cramped dark room, small cracks in between the hollow block walls, there was a beam of sunlight shining through them. Aside from it being dark it was so foggy you can barely see the drill sergeant in front of you.
When we were in the chamber I thought: “Hey! This isn’t so bad” five minutes inside, while getting instructions from the drill sergeant, I could feel my sweat mixing with the chemicals in the air causing the burning sensation on the outline of my face. The drill instructor told us to break the seal of our mask as we recite our full name and social security number one by one. When I broke the seal on my mask the smoke was hot like in a sauna, I kept my eyes closed and held my breath. Until we were instructed to do ten jumping jacks, forcing us to inhale the tear gas, while doing the jumping jacks, it felt like I had sniffed wasabi and poured Tabasco all over my face causing me to tear up rapidly which helped the chemical to react more aggressively around my eyes. I could barely see my way out. I was coughing so bad I thought I was going to cough my tongue out. The drill instructors near the exit were yelling at us reminding us not to rub our eyes or touch...

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