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Gatorade Essay

  • Submitted by: morganshook
  • on November 12, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Morgan Shook                                                                                                                   1
Ad analysis                                                                                                                   Shook
October 1, 2012

Audience: The audience in this advertisement is for athletes of all ages, male and female.   Anyone interested in sports whether it be playing or watching the game, might want to try the Gatorade.   The audience probably focuses on having energy and being hydrated.  

Gatorade is manufactured by the Pepsi company.   It was established in 1965 by researchers at the University of Florida, and is now distributed in over eighty countries.   Gatorade was made to replenish or take the place of all the water, carbohydrates, and electrolytes that athletes lost (in sweat) during a competition.   The beverage got its name from the schools mascot the Gators.   Hence the name “Gator”ade.  
This ad focuses on one particular thing and that is Gatorade.   The commercial shows all kinds of athletes from all sports playing the game. The athletes in the commercial will come out of the game for a break and they all look very exhausted.   They don’t stay exhausted long, the immediately grab the bottle of Gatorade from their side and take a sip.   Before you know it they are hydrated and ready to go back in and finish the game.   The Gatorade company has recently come out with a series of how and when to drink certain ones.   They have a beginning drink that you use before you play that is suppose to provide you with the energy you need. Next is the during drink, it is for the
middle of the game when you get tired and need some energy to finish.   Lastly is the drink for after.   This one gets you back on your feet after you have used all your energy and need to regain it.   It is a three drink series.  
The colors of the Gatorade flavors will always catch your attention.   The commercial uses...

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