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Gattaca Essay

  • Submitted by: orlandog28
  • on November 12, 2012
  • Category: English
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The best films allow you to think about key ideas. Gattaca directed by Andrew Nicoll allowed me to reflect on genetic engineering and what people could face in the future. Nicoll used these 2 key ideas through a protagonist Vincent. Nicoll used camera shots, lighting and sound to capture my interest and make this a worthwhile film to watch.
Lighting, sound and close ups are used in the opening scene to give us an insight on genetic engineering. The close up shots of skin debree falling in slow motion is highlighted by the low frequency sound to emphasize how important DNA has become into a discriminated society. A new form of prejudice has been raised into debate which is the idea of having superior or inferior genes.   Today peoples efforts, hard work and determination through any preschool to high school is used do decide what   possibilities lie ahead of them in future time Whereas in Gattaca there fate is already decided from the moment they are born where evolved technology can decide your future with just your DNA. This separates people into a society of “valids” and “invalids”, valids being the ones with the bright futures, they automatically get the best jobs, and for the invalids they get the low paying easy jobs such as cleaning. This brings us back to the idea of genetic engineering and what it has done to Gattacas society. I think that genetic engineering should never be able to decide your fate from birth, Vincent made me realise this because he was a invalid and through his hard work and determination he was able to make his dream that to many other invalids were impossible reality.
Throughout the movie Nicolls used blue lighting to develop the idea of what people could face in the future. Bright blue neon lighting is used throughout the movie like in the testing scene; the doctor uses tools to do regular DNA testing. The unnatural lighting shows us how superficial society has become .We take foresight into a future society where your future is led by...

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