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Gender Sexual Anomalies Essay

  • Submitted by: juliestumped
  • on January 6, 2013
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Gender Sexual Anomalies
There are many different types of birth defects.   Some are harder to live with then others and some can be surgically fixed.   In this paper I want to educate you on a few types of gender deformities that may make at least one person, have more respect for genetic biology.   Hermaphroditism is a real condition and different types of a hermaphrodite exist.   Before I did research on this topic, I was ignorant to the whole concept of a hermaphrodite.   They are classified in groups to their distinct characteristics and are all hereditary results. The word hermaphrodite is an old term used in the Victorian times, now in the 21st century, it has been classified as intersexed individuals.   The Fausto-Sterling theory states five sexes instead of two, male and female, who would have thought there would have been more sexes than those?
When we talk or think about gender sexual anomalies, it is difficult to pin point a certain kind.   We tend to group them all into being labeled Hermaphrodites.   There are many types I am going to discuss.   The more appropriate diagnosis for the less professional word - hermaphrodite, would be an individual with an intersexed or an ambiguous condition.   These Ambiguous conditions are said to be rare but, if you look at the statistics, “at least one in every two or three thousand births result in a question about the sex, add those numbers up and that equals thousands of cases per year in the United States alone (Dreger, 1993-2008).”
Ann Fausto-Sterling is a professor of biology and gender studies.   She developed the theory of the five sexes; males, females, merms, ferms, and herms.   Males and Females are the obvious.   Merms are considered Male psuedohermaphrodites; people who possess this condition have testes but hold some aspects of female genitalia externally.   Ferms are defined as female psuedohermaphrodites.   This condition requires the person to have ovaries but have some aspects of male genitalia externally....

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