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Gene One Essay

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Problem Solution: Gene One Gene One, a biotechnology company establishing groundbreaking[pic][pic]gene technology to eliminate disease in various foods, has grown from a $2 million start-up to a $400 million company in just eight years. Due to a rising interest by consumers[pic] and a [pic]demand for new technology, the founders and Board of Directors are anticipating an astonishing growth potential and an initial public offering (IPO) within the next[pic] three years. In an effort [pic]to accomplish their goals in the appropriated time, it is necessary for the Leadership Team at Gene One to identify issues and opportunities that face the company.[pic][pic]In addition, this paper will identify the stakeholders,[pic] their perspectives, and ethical dilemmas [pic]related to the scenario. Presenting a problem statement and describing the end-state vision will be the next part of this paper. Discussing alternative solutions and subsequently[pic][pic]providing an analysis of the alternative solutions will[pic] follow. Additionally, the paper [pic]provides a risk assessment and mitigation techniques, along with an optimal solution, an implementation plan, and an evaluation of the results. Finally, incorporating a[pic][pic]conclusion, will encapsulate all the areas addressed. Situation Analysis Issue and[pic][pic]Opportunity Identification Many issues arise on a daily basis in the corporate world. Turning the issues into opportunities may prove to be challenging for Gene One,[pic] but a challenge that can develop into a success story by accomplishments in gene technology and research and cultivation of a corporate climate that otherwise may not occur. Throwing an initial public offering into the mix can certainly raise issues that a company would normally not face. The Leadership Team at Gene One does a phenomenal job at each of their prospective disciplines; however, there is currently no team building. [pic]Individuals work on their own specific goals, but no one works...

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