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Gene Therapy Essay

  • Submitted by: familyman10
  • on October 17, 2013
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Summarize and Respond                
Article: “An Immune System Trained to Kill Cancer” by Denise Grady
Topic: Gene Therapy

Journalist Denise Grady, strongly focused on the world of health and medicine, illustrates how the advancements in gene therapy have been a great aid against leukemia and how it can possibly lead to complete remission in patients. By removing millions of T-Cells from the patient’s body and adding new cancer fighting genes into them, doctors transfer the cells back into the body to perform an internal wash on the disease. Basically the gene therapists are programing the individual’s immune system to destroy the cancer cells within. Two out of three of the major trials presented in Grady’s article had very positive conclusions, while the other kept critics questioning the new technology. Although this is only the beginning of the amazing innovation, “there would need to be overwhelming proof that the treatment is better than existing ones,” insists Dr. Carl June from the Abramson Cancer Center. Many more experimental treatments with a random selection of patients and valid results from various research organizations are needed to meet this high demand (75-82).  

Being very interested in pursuing a career in Radiation Oncology myself, I found this article by Grady very fascinating. Starting from the huge technological advancements that allowed these experiments to even become possible to the tears of joy from the patients sent home in remission, it is all very exciting to me. Also, having relations in my life with people who are diagnosed with leukemia specifically gave me an even more appreciative look at the lifesaving treatment. Personally, I wouldn’t be a bit hesitant to undergo this new gene therapy because I strongly believe that the present technology in the medical field does have the power to create miracles, becoming more advanced and astonishing every day. Given the slim proof that the new treatments are fully effective on...

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