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Generation M Essay

  • Submitted by: leticiascardoso
  • on February 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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HUM 140 Generation M: Misogyny in the Media and Culture
Discussion Questions
  1- EDN (Women and the right to education, the role as an educator and the role in Charity work for education) PSY (first PhD was a women at a time that males dominated the field, President of the APA was a woman)HIS
  2- Sexism should be study any time it exist
  3- TV has become an abomination to women’s self image. I have a hard time watching tv. Shows such as Californication, Bad girls club to name a few are not promoting sexual freedom but promoting self exploitation.

Female Empowerment
  1- I do not watch much tv and my taste in music is very old. My idols seem to be related to my line of work. I absolutely love Dr. Katherine Lord, who has created the first standardized test to diagnose Autism.

  3- I can’t speak of all of these women as I do not know some of them. I see some of these women as someone who grew up on a society where sex sells. That is what they do. They exploit their bodies through the use of pornographic movements/provocative clothing. They use vulgar language to somehow exert power over man. It is a very sad and negative influence on young girls
  4- Because they sole depend on their talent to sell and do not need to rely on their body to promote their talent or lack there off
  5- Sure. Female artists have their body image as their biggest advertisement. They need to fit the “ideal body” stereotype to sell well or at least to get noticed
  6- Yes I see both. I currently live in a Jewish Orthodox community where modesty is a mean of life. But I also work with teens outside of the religious circle who certainly take advantage of the freedom in clothing society has been accepting as permissible for teens

The Doll Wars

  1- As mentioned in the film I believe it is a “race to the bottom”
  2- I would have a problem with my daughter having these dolls. I also hope to do my best at not gender select toys for my...

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