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Genetic Engineering Essay

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Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering and Global Hunger

Genetic Engineering
Genetic Engineering and Global hunger
We near an age where the world’s population will reach an estimated nine billion people.  
Right now, an estimated one billion people go hungry each day. So add two billion more people,
a limited supply of arable land, plus the fact that rising incomes will boost demand for meat and
dairy products, plus the fact that many key natural resources (fisheries, say) are already being
overexploited… and it's hard to see the situation getting better. And that's before we get into the
fact that the planet's heating up, this is expected to wreak havoc on agricultural yields. But, we
have no other choice but then to try to figure out what is needed to nourish the world without
destroying it. Genetically engineered crops to phase out world hunger have pros and cons as does
everything else we know.
Heated debates have erupted about the pros and cons of genetically modified foods—and
the study authors do recommend GM crops as a "potentially valuable technology" that "should
neither be privileged nor automatically dismissed. We should of began with helping small
farmers in the developing worlds that could get more out of their land right now with better
training or access to financing. Most people in the United States don't realize that they've been
eating genetically engineered foods since the mid-1990s. More than 60 percent of all processed
foods on U.S. supermarket shelves--including pizza, chips, cookies, ice cream, salad dressing,
corn syrup, and baking powder--contain ingredients from engineered soybeans, corn, or canola.
"Risks exist everywhere in our food supply," points out Dean DellaPenna. "About a hundred
people die each year from peanut allergies. With genetically engineered foods we minimize risks
by doing rigorous testing."
In the past decade or so, the biotech plants that go into these processed foods have...

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