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Genetic Engineering: a Modern Day Frankenstein Essay

  • Submitted by: Presence10
  • on September 20, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Genetic Engineering: a Modern Day Frankenstein" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Picture this, it is just a decade into the future and you visit your doctor’s office for a checkup. They pull up a machine and take just a drop of blood, within minutes a list of data comes up. The Doctor can immediately tell you, with precision, what your chances are with various diseases and your risks for heart, lung, and various other types of cancers. He can tell you when you when they might develop, and where. There can be a true predictive capability, but there is an eerie silence as he tells you all this, his words almost prophesized to you. Can he really know your chances for coronary cancer, lung cancer, and Alzheimer’s? This not so distant future may one day be reality, with a lot more work, costing a large sum of money it is possible he could. Thanks to the Genetic Age, where we as a human species can alter the very fabric of life, to control the fundamentals of life. Imagine where all humans can be born free of genetic disease, where you can choose the very best of your genes for your kid. But there is a darker side, if we meddle with the very fabric of life, could we create a monster. Mary Shelly’s novel “Frankenstein” Dr. Frankenstein deals with the darker side of creation of a life, and raises it from inanimate flesh, to animated tissue, capable of thought, emotion, understanding, and power. The creature becomes misguided and full of rage after many years of neglect and hatred. Could we save humanity with genetics, or are we on a slippery slope with our only footing before the inevitable descent. We are on the verge of making science fiction a living reality. The science fiction of Dr. Frankenstein’s engineering of life, and the reality of contemporary Genetic Engineering, can be compared from the intellectual and moral dimensions resulting in a new scientific concept of life.
Genetic Engineering has been on the lines of many science fictional movies, but are we really on the verge of constructing the next human? To answer that simply, it is a no....

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