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Genetic Recombination Essay

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Genetic Recombination
By: Elizabeth Daniel
This study was done so that we, the students, would be able to learn about the life cycle of Sordaria fimicola and also so that we would be able to see the role that mitosis and meiosis played during that cycle. We simply crossed over the wild type strand and the mutant strand, and the outcome was one that enabled us to look into the life of this interesting fungus.   We believed that the fungus would crossover and create arrangements that would match up with what the expected outcome of a regular sordaria strain would be, and we were correct. We were able to accept the null hypothesis, which stated that there was no difference between the data we observed and the data we expected.
The main purpose of this experiment was to see the Sordaria fungus and determine the arrangements and map distance that it had. We then would see whether our observed data matched up with the expected data. The study needed to be done so that the students would learn the role and part that mitosis and meiosis played in the life cycle of a Sordaria fungus. Using the information learned here, the students would be able see how meiosis and mitosis effected cells and how the process was done. During the experiment, the students also would learn the different arrangements that the crossing over led to and how to calculate frequency and map distance on the chromosome which the genes are found.   We hypothesized that our data would fit into the range of the expected arrangements and map distances.
Materials and Methods:
During the first week, we acquired the mutant-tan type and the other wild-black types of the fungus, Sordaria fimicola from a Petri dish. In order to obtain it, we needed to make sure that all out utensils were sterile. We took sterile blank Petri dish and labeled it. We sectioned the Petri dish into four sections, and labeled each type alternating. Then we took a spatula,...

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