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Genie Essay

  • Submitted by: janesadvice
  • on October 7, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Soon after being discovered, Genie became a Scientific phenomenon. She had suffered from major physical deprivation. Growing up, Genie did not receive a lot of love and affacetion. Instead, she was tied to a potty chair for most of her time, and was beaten by her father with a large stick. After being rescued, they had noticed a peculiar characteristic about Genie. She had developed an unconventional way of walking that they had believed was very similar to that of a bunny. This was caused by living most her years growing up in confinement, disabling her from having her muscles fully form and develop as they should have. At 13, Genie still wore diapers, and had a vocabulary of a 20 words. She also had a body that resembled that of a 7 year old and weighed 59 pounds. This may be due to the unusual diet she had been living on that consisted of warm cereal, honey, milk and an occassional egg. This caused a severe stunt in her growth. Other interesting characteristics that followed was the tendency for her to sniff, spit and claw.
Living in the conditions that Genie had been situated in had caused her to suffer from serious psychological deprivation. At first, after being rescued, when in contact with other human beings Genie would respond using her limited vocabulary, for example: 'No more' and 'Stop it'. Additionally, because of the constant abuse she had to undergo as a child she had become terrified to open her mouth in the case that she might throw up on her caretakers, and those studying her. Eventually Genie was able to show some progress by learning how to sign, increase her ability to socialize with those who she was familiar with and recognize objects that intrigued her. After many foster homes and institutions, Genie's case has remained at a standstill, although doctors and scientists believed they would be able to nurture her back to normality, that hasn't been the case.

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