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Geography Essay

  • Submitted by: clouise26
  • on October 5, 2012
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With reference to examples, describe and explain the roles of identity, culture and ideology in generating conflict? 8 Marks

Identity is a sense of belonging to a group where there is the same generic character, or a similarity of distinguishing character or personality. The identity may be determined by, or be apparent in ethnicity, language and religion. People can be very protective of their identity and seek to maintain it at all costs. Identity can be complex. Identity can be evident on 3 scales; Nationalism, loyalty and devotion to a nation, so the culture and interest of that country are only promoted. Regionalism is the consciousness of and loyalty to a nation or a distinct region with a population that shares similarities. Localism is affection for a particular place which manifests itself in a political sense.

Culture is the customary beliefs, social norms and traits of a racial, religious, or social group and to the set of shared attitudes, values and practices that characterise that group. People are proud of their particular culture. Within every country there are a vast majority of different cultures belonging to different races. For example in the UK, there is huge multiculturalism, with Christianity, Muslim, Hebraism, Sikhism and many more cultures mixing. As of yet in the UK there has never been a major conflict caused over cultural extremism. However, across the world, there have been many wars and conflicts caused due to the disagreement between two races, outlining the superiority of one culture over another or just by the fact one culture may dislike another and go to extreme lengths to eradicate that certain culture.

Ideology is a systematic body of concepts regarding human life or culture. It can result in a set of integrated assertions, theories and aims that together constitute a socio-cultural programme, some ideologies can be extreme and at odds with that elsewhere in the world and their supporters may seek to impress their views...

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