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George and Lennie's Relaationship Essay

  • Submitted by: samamin
  • on January 24, 2013
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The author John Steinbeck presents the relationship between the two characters, George and Lennie in different ways as they are both different characters and have different personalities. This means that George is a man like person and Lennie is a childlike. However, John Steinbeck is one of the greatest storytellers of the twentieth century.   This novel was written in 1937 and was set in California (USA) in the 1930s, when America had a great depression. Depression affected everyone this is because many people were unemployed and had to travel and migrate to look for work. The book explores people's unrealistic dreams, their desperate needs for work and money, not belonging and being an outsider and the terrible loneliness the depression left people feeling.   It is possible that Steinbeck wrote the novel based on his own experience he used to work on a ranch. He knew what these workers had to go through and had the desire and belief to show other people what was actually happening at the time. As the book progresses, the reader plunges deeper into their relationship. George and Lennie’s friendship is intriguing and very thought-provoking for the reader as it very complex and full of twists and turns. Undoubtedly, George has come to like Lennie and feels a sense of duty and responsibility towards him. Lennie needs George, but it is equally true that George needs Lennie as well. George is also harsh, mean and derogatory to Lennie; at times however, it is also very evident that George never leaves Lennie despite the fact that his life would have been much easier without him. Lennie is George's hardship, but George loves him regardless
Steinbeck introduces George and Lennie through the sentence, "they had walked in single file down the path, and even in the open one stayed behind the other." Our initial impression is that one has more dominance and is in charge of the other, as the description suggests one leads the other. George is obviously more dominant than...

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