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Gerard Belamide: a Case of His Boss’ Temper Shift Essay

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It is 9:00 in the evening of Feb 11, 2012. Gerard Belamide, while stuck on traffic is pondering on the decision if he is going to quit or go on with his job as new Division Head of ABX Holdings. He has been working with his current company for 2 years now after a 9 year stint with a company that is multinational, corporate and organized. Just December of last year, he was titled as Division Head of the pallets, freight brokerage and trading businesses of the group.
On that afternoon, he has witnessed a very uncomfortable situation of his boss scolding heavily his younger brother, his son and his driver. Their subject of argument is HIM- for failing to invite his boss’s brother to join the lunch prepared by the freight brokerage team.
It was 1:00pm but it wasn’t the heat that caused Mr. Jose Ileto, President and Chairman of the Board of ABX Holdings to boil. It was a cool Saturday afternoon and it was supposed to be a half day work in the company. But this one is an exemption to the freight brokerage team who has to extend in order to complete the report that is needed by a major client in Laguna. The team decided to have a working lunch in order for them to finish and submit the report by 4:00pm on that day. They have decided also to invite the President to lunch with the team as he was just across the other room working on some contracts.
The President’s room is shared with his son, Jefferson Ileto, who is the Business Unit Manager of logistics operations and with his younger brother, Louie Ileto, who heads the purchasing section of the company. ABX Holdings is composed of seven entities that are into providing goods and services on areas of logistics, distribution, pallets, pest control, freight brokerage, trading, and records storage. The company was established in 2005 initially as wooden pallet assembler with its plant located in south of Manila. The company is family “owned “and “ran” business. The...

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