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Gergserg Essay

  • Submitted by: Pimpinmac1
  • on October 18, 2013
  • Category: College Admissions
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Self-confidence, efficacy and concept all play roles in how somebody views themselves and the world around them. Self-confidence is how much somebody believes in their own worth and how likely it is that they will succeed. Efficacy refers to a persons belief in accomplishing tasks and ability to perform them. Concept can have a different meanings depending on the person. It Is belief in ones own self and how they view each aspect about themselves on a personal level.
The most obvious form of self concept in this story would be the ending, in which pat goes home feeling alone and isolated. These are not temporary physical or emotional states normal people should be experiencing. It is pats choice to feel lonely and isolated so in turn he stays this way. Pats self confidence is shown when its stated that he wants to be friends with Chris, but is hesitant. Also, Pat is afraid he doesn’t have much in common with other employees. Both of these examples show Pats low self esteem and unwillingness to try and overcome it.
All three aspects will play a role with Pats Relationships. Self-confidence, if too low, will make Pat feel like he is worthless and give him the wrong idea about things. Secondly, Self-efficacy would have a similar effect as confidence in that they both change how somebody views their own ability to accomplish things. Last off, Pats own concept of his self worth and ability to accomplish task would plummet. He would harshly judge every aspect about himself make it impossible to accomplish anything at all.
First Pat should just go and talk to his fellow employees and try to get to know them. It sounds like Pat doesn’t even attempt because he is too scared of what they might think. Once Pat realizes that they are just people like him, he can start becoming friends. Second, Pat needs to come to the realization that they are probably not worth talking to if they don’t engage in conversations back. Last, Pat should go see a psychiatrist about his views on...

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  • Submitted by: Pimpinmac1
  • on October 18, 2013
  • Category: College Admissions
  • Length: 368 words
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