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Geriatricians Essay

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Topic: Geriatricians

Brief Summary:
Geriatricians are people who have gone through more training than usual to take care of elderly people. Geriatricians try to prevent some diseases or conditions before they are caught/ received by an elderly patient, making preventive medicine very important to them. They are very adept at diagnosing diseases common in the elderly, like diabetes and dementia. To treat them, they require different disciplines, like psychologists and psychiatrists are needed to help treat psychosocial issues that come with older age, and other specialists, like sports medicine physicians do surgery (as they are taking care of elderly patients, aged 65 and above they try to do the least amount of invasion as possible, as the lives of older people are more fragile).

Yet, the field of geriatrics only gives moderate pay, therefore not attracting as many people. But, the people who do decide to go into geriatrics really enjoy doing so, for they really bond with their patients.

I find this field interesting, for I had thought that older people just went to family physicians. It is a pity that such a generous field doesn’t give high pay; not for its practitioners, but that the moderate pay is unattractive. There could be a lot more in the way of care for senior citizens, and they deserve as much; many went off to fight in wars like World War 2 and the Vietnam war, and came back with health issues (loss of limbs, or trauma are examples) for fighting for their country. They have brought this generation into the world, and if this generation isn’t doing as much as it can for its older generations, then what would become of our future? Would our grandkids just leave us to die? But, there is at least some interest, which gives me hope for the future.

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