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Get Your Nose In That Book And Study Essay

  • Submitted by: motox720
  • on February 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Get Your Nose in That Book and Study

Ahh nap time, that’s the best way to get through math class.   Take a walk down the halls of your local college and just peek in the window to observe the manners of the younger generation.   After that, walk into the library and observe what percentage of the students is actually studying.   I’ve been a college student for two and half semesters now; I’ve met some great professors and staff who are very tolerant and patient with the youth that, to me, seem to be wasting their time and hard working people’s tax dollars.   These folks have more patience with the younger generation, mainly in age group of 18 to 25, than I ever could.   This problem has come to the point that it is affecting my education personally. These students are wasting my resources, time with professors, and not only their money but the money people have invested to get an education.   Being a student as well as a parent of a high school student, I’ve been able to observe firsthand the class room manners, study habits, and use of campus time and assets displayed by the younger generation of today.
The classroom manners of this younger group not only upset me but also make me cringe.   Have you ever been sitting in class, just getting into the lecture, and what happens? There’s a knock at the door.   Who is it?   Oh yes, a late student.   They are not just two or three minutes late, but ten to twenty minutes.   What gets me is they all have not only an excuse but sometimes a flat out lie.   Ten minutes before class, they were in the common area talking with their friends. So why give an excuse about the bathroom when they had plenty of time to get to class on time?   What’s more important, talking to their friends, or getting ready for their next class?   This is not only rude, but is very disrespectful to the class and the professor.   Talk about rude: how about listening to the beeping of a missed call from a cell phone or the typing of a student texting on their...

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