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Ghee Essay

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  • on August 7, 2015
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37. “I’m not like the other girls” - Gladys - p.127

38. “How well this woman understands what a lonely soldier on leave requires” – Narrator – p.130

39. “She is that delightful combination of wife, mother and courtesan” – Narrator – p.130

40. “You silly boy. I thought you had really murdered someone” – Gladys – p.132

Gladys Character Profile

• A courtesan who is motherly and “…not like the other girls”
• She has had many soldier customers before the narrator, “I love all the boys”
• She is the narrators companion for 2 weeks
• She will not let the narrator talk about the war as she try’s to make him forget and relax, “You’re spoiling your leave. Cant you forget the front for a few days…” p.127
• She calls the narrator “boy”, which implies that there is an age gap and that she will not call him by his Christian for fear of getting too attached
• She becomes emotional when the narrator leaves

Chapter 9 – Over the top

41. “You yellow-livered little bastard. Fall in” – p.140

42. ““So long”, he says. “I won’t come out of this”” – p.14

43. “”Yes, I’m going to get it this time…and I don’t care either. I’m fed up”” p.142

44. “Legs and arms in gray rags lie here and there” – p.144

45. “I step on something. It is soft. I look down. It is the ripped-open stomach of a German” – p.144

46. “He is middle-aged man and has a grey walrus mustache – fatherly-looking” – p.145

47. “Drei Kinder – three children” – p.145

48. “Broadbent runs his bayonet into the kneeling one’s throat” – p.145

49. “Up in the sky we see flashes of lightning, but we cannot hear the thunder for the roar of the artillery” – p.145

50. “Their dead and wounded are piled up about four deep” – p.148

51. “He runs a few paces on his gushing stumps and collapses” – p.155

Major events and observations

• There are rumors of a “terrific offensive”
• Renaud, an “undersized French Canadian recruit”, is abused by Clark.
• “So long”, says Fry to the narrator,...

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