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Ghosts Essay

  • Submitted by: disyou3
  • on October 7, 2012
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Since the beginning of time, cultures all around the world have debated whether or not ghosts and spirits exist. Believers blame unexplainable experiences like strange sightings and spooky noises on the supernatural.   Then there are the skeptics, who say these happenings are a figment of the imagination and that the paranormal cannot be scientifically proven. There will always be two sides to these phenomenons, but there must be a reason that billions of people everywhere report similar ghost visitations. Let us explore the question of the unexplained that intrigues every one.
The definition of a ghost is “An apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image.” Many people wonder why the spirit of a dead person would remain on earth and haunt, instead of moving on to the after life. The popular theory on explaining why they’re here, is that some souls must stay here on earth for a reason and cannot yet move on or go to rest. The said reasons for a soul being temporarily trapped on earth can vary. Most of the time, it is explained that the departed spirit had unfinished business or a problem that had not been resolved. Perhaps the spirit is kept to complete a mission by passing on important information or even by saving someone. A very common experience is seeing a loved one after their death. Sometimes spirits visit to say one last goodbye to family members or close friends before they move on. Then there are the more negative ghosts that might have left life with bitter resentments, seeking revenge and is trapped by their negative energy. It is told that after the ghost has accomplished it’s task, then it is free to move on.
The popular question within the question of ghost existence is if ghosts really haunt places and hurt people. The truth is that most people don’t believe until they have a ghost sighting or experience themselves. After researching many hauntings, it is clear that many...

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