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Gibbs Model of Reflection Essay

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Plan for Reflective Essay!

  * What will my essay focus on? – Various professional values and how I developed a professional relationship with a patient/client.
  * How will I complete this assignment? – following the Gibbs model of reflection
  * What is this model of reflection? – describe the model
  * Why is it important to reflect? – describe reflection in nursing and the workplace.
  * The patient/client – how will the service user be addressed? Confidentiality purposes, NMC Code and Data protection act.

Main Body:
  * What are professional values? – Main types of profession values, eg. To practise honestly with integrity, display a professional image in behaviour and appearance, act in a manner that is attentive, kind, sensitive, compassionate and non-discriminatory that values diversity and acts within professional boundaries, to display respect for the individuals rights and beliefs, emotions , health and wellbeing impact on my practise. Communicating effectively etc.
  * Description – focus on taking a confused client from the lounge to have a shower. Who was I with at the time? Why was I there? What was happening at that time?
  * Feelings and Thoughts – how did I feel whilst showering this client? How did the other people around me feel? How do I feel about the outcome of the event? (happy as the client now feels refreshed and better in herself)
  * Evaluation – what do I think went well with the situation? What did not go so well? (Client tried to hit us but we told her it was inappropriate in a professional manner). What was good about my experience? (Now know that everyone requires different amounts of help/attention). What was not so good? (Client refused to uncross arms and legs to be washed so we found it difficult).
  * Analysis – Explore each part and discuss what I did and why.
  * Conclusion – explore what I could have done differently.
  * Action Plan – what would I change if I was to do this event...

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