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Girls Essay

  • Submitted by: redxx34
  • on January 7, 2013
  • Category: English
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Nate Brown
Mr. Hurt
English, period 6
21 October 2009
When females originated is only known by God. All men know is their glad they’re here! See girls are the one single wonder of the world that dominates the rest. Girls can do many things like build relationships, destroy them no doubt. But also something no man can argue with, look good! No, it’s not disagreement that girls can be mean. Whether it’s totally rejecting a guy, or leading him on and then shutting him down. Girls are also cruel to each other. From fights, to rumors, to the oh-so devastating eye rolls, girls constantly are gossiping about each other. Whether their just messing around or seriously fighting. Females fight, then usually they don’t make up. Guys on the other hand usually make up the very next day. Girl brawls can also come from things like make up or hair. Every girl knows what it is. It is fact that every woman will use it at least once in their life time. Make up, one of the many highlights on a girl. No other thing can make a girl look so beautiful. Every type of girl has their own special feature.   From eyes to lips and then there’s skin tones. All add their special ingredient to make the ladies sooo fine! Women also have other obsessions like hair and tanning, these are some of the larger categories. Highlights can look great on girls, but some can be a little extreme. Tanning is also a major plus on a female body. All these things narrow down to four words, girls are strikingly gorgeous! Yes, some men might think otherwise but looks aren’t everything on a girl, though the happen to do justice to the lady kind. All girls are different but all have a certain attraction to them. Women have a special aura to them. Men can undergo this just by a girls strutting their stuff past. The more a guy likes a girl the stronger this feeling is. A guy can spot out his lady friend in a room full of people like nothing. Also, you’ll find that talking to the other gender...

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