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Girls Rule, Bpys Drool Essay

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  • on January 26, 2013
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Vianca Melendez
Section: 24346

Girls Rule, Boys Drool
In a world dominated by “men”, a woman has little or no chance at all, of being equal to men. We women, are controlled by men, from birth. They think that they should decide how we dress, think, and even what we do. Feminism is a strong movement against these “rules of gender” that only denigrate women. Cases of sexism are everywhere. The way that skinnier women earn more than thicker women is part of   hypersexualization. But there is always another side of the story, a great one. Now, young women who do not marry or have children earn more than men. Perfect!
First, professors in college are supposed to be intelligent, right? In the “prestigious” University of Puerto Rico, a Professor wrote an article about how college students, especially young women, are thinking that they are not feminist because it is all about hating men and being lesbian. What the actual fuck? Being a feminist does not mean you hate men and especially am not a lesbian. I consider myself a feminist and I’m not a lesbian. He says something about enlightened sexism. This bullshit says that women have finally achieved equality. We are far from that, my friend. We may have progressed but we haven’t reach that “full equality”, as he claims we did.   Some women don’t recognize that they are feminist inside, but the men in the media have corrupted their minds and made them think they are not feminist because they are not lesbians. Commercials and movies hypersexualize women. They want more men to watch tv or go to movies because women are taking over in life and in the media. They show women in stilettos and a badass suit, fighting and becoming “heroes”. That, in some way, marks little girls with these pictures of the “perfect woman” trying to make them want to look like these unrealistic women.
On the other hand, women who are single, independent and work hard are successful and earn more than those who let the society crush them....

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