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Global Thematic Essay

  • Submitted by: julievining
  • on January 27, 2013
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Juliannah Vining May 15, 2011
Thematic Essay Global

In global history many major events have been turning points for society. They have led to lasting changes that have helped to form the economic, political and social systems we partake in. The Crusades and the Renaissance are two examples of turning points in history. Each example is connected to historical circumstances surrounding the turning point and each has drastically changed the course of history.
The Crusades took place between the 11th and 13th centuries. They were a series of religious military campaigns. They began after Islamic Turks defeated the Byzantine Empire and took control of Christian Holy Lands and the Christian church. In response Pope Urban II called for a European force to return Holy Lands to Christian control. The result was many bloody and brutal battles against anyone who stood in the way of the Crusaders. The Crusades never achieved the goal of returning the Holy Lands to Christian control. However it is considered to be a major turning point in global history because of its long lasting effects on Europe, the Middle East and Christian and Muslim worlds. For example, crusaders of the Fourth Crusade separated the Christian city of Constantinople, which made permanent divisions between Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. The Crusades also taught the Western world to attempt conquests beyond Europe with new uses of military power to achieve their goals. The Crusades also left a significant impact on the Middle East and Muslim world. They are seen as the first attempts of the Roman Catholic Church to fight the spreading of Islam, which has helped to shape Muslim viewpoints to this day. The term crusade is still used, in a negative manner, in the Middle East to describe the involvement of the West in Middle Eastern affairs.
During the 14th and 15th centuries Renaissance began. Renaissance means, “re-birth” in Italian. The people believed they were living...

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