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Global Transportation Essay

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Below is an essay on "Global Transportation" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

A Research Paper On Global Transportation


Brief History of Global Transport.
Transport is the process by which people or goods move from one place to another. There are different modes of transports which include air, rail, road, water, pipeline and space. In the early days the first means of transport was walking and swimming. Then as years moved on animal transport began to operate. This arose after domestication of animals began. This is because at that moment there was away of putting goods on bigger and powerful creatures. It also allowed human beings to ride on these animals at a higher speed. Transport was then made more efficient by the invention of the wheel. This was because more goods would be carried using the carts which were pulled by the animals. Rowed and sailed vessels were used to travel and carry heavy goods in the water. (Lay 1992).The first form of road transport was the horses and the oxen. There were paved roads which were built by the Roman Empire to so that the army would move quickly.

The first water crafts were the canoes. These canoes were cut out from the tree trunks. Then there was the development of ships which were powered by the wing or were either rowered by human beings. There were some others that used both of the powering methods. Water transport was mostly developed where there were two trading towns that were separated by water. Before the industrial revolution transport remained costly and slow. It operated just in places that were near to each other. (Abdul 1977).The rise of the industrial revolution made there to be a number of inventions in global transport. There was the separation of transport and communication due to the invention of telegraphy. Land Transport became independent of animal and human energy after the invention of the steam engine. Global transport was also speeded up by the invention of steamship.

Road transport became more viable at the start of the 20th century due to the development of...

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