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Globalization Essay

  • Submitted by: bwalk004
  • on August 17, 2015
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Personal Identity and Global Citizenship
Barbara Walker
GEN499: General Education Capstone
Dr. David Makhanlall
August 3, 2015

    In today’s society all cultures are influenced by another culture. We can see how most cultures influence each other the most when it comes to economic, political, moral or ethical issues. For example, when a country counterfeits and smuggle items such as electrical devices, car parts, Gucci purses and shoes because of low cost labor. It takes away from the people who are trying to earn a decent living in another country because now the demand level is low and the factories are forced to close. Personal Identity and Global Citizenship work together. A person may identify themselves through social issues that not only impact their lives but the lives of other cultures to. When a person is socially aware of other issues this plays a part in personal identity and transforms them into a global citizen.
    It is important to educate others on global citizenship because there is so much diversity in the world. This diversity plays a great role in the personal identity of individuals because you are learning to deal with the complexities of issues in a harmonious way. Global citizenship teaches an individual that sometimes you can’t always think about yourself but what is in the interest of the group. As we become global citizens we also become more socially aware of the issues that help shape our personal identities in society. We learn that we are not born with our personal identity but it shaped by what takes place globally around the world. The goal of global citizenship is to not make anyone uncomfortable but to make people aware that everything we do economically, socially, politically and morally has an impact on someone. We can’t always force our views on other cultures.
    Intergroup empathy is the concern for another group of people. This help develop my sense of identity because I had to realize that sometimes it is...

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