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Globalize This! Whose Globalization Is This Anyways? Essay

  • Submitted by: funkyfunk22
  • on January 27, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Globalize This! Whose Globalization Is This Anyways?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Name: Hashim Rizwan
Student #: 250631955
Course #: 1022 F
Instructor’s name: Dr Wendy Russell
Date: 26 September, 2012  


Firstly I want the give a brief introduction of what globalization is when; I or anybody refers to this term, on a personal level I define globalization where everyone in this world are getting together, and forming a sort of a place in which international, and local markets are integrated regardless of being vertical or horizontal which means that gates are widely open for all the markets around the globe to work hand by hand.
Let me first start with Njoki Njoroge Njehu, she is well known as activist, going around the world seeing inside of how people are suffering, and how they want to change, She thinks globalization has gone extremely wrong, and what she has to say about it is that, globalization has started operating in sense that it is becoming western bias. What she means to say when globalization is referred to western bias is that globalization is bias towards rich countries taking over all the countries that have resources, and are not rich. She quotes “exploitation of finite resources, workers, and the community in which resources are allocated” ( Njehu 2005, 399).   Njehu claims that globalization has been there with us for a very long time now (Njehu 2005, 399), but tied to search for trading opportunities. She argues that by 1990 the world economy was more globalized as various forms of globalizations were becoming in the sight of people as she talks about WTO(world trade organization), and world bank. I believe that what Njehu thinks is that globalization is on a very wrong path, because what globalization was promised to do, and what was expected from globalization has failed, which did not bring any positive impact as it was suppose too. Njehu quotes “It is neither free nor possible to sustain, it comes with the high price of environmental destruction”...

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