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Glossary Essay

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  • on August 8, 2015
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Accounting [p. 4]
the collection, recording and reporting
of financial information to assist
business owners in decision-making
Accounting Principles [p. 7]
the generally accepted rules which
govern the way accounting information
is recorded
Accrual Accounting [p. 277, 296]
determining profit by recognising
revenues as earned when the good/
service is provided, and expenses as
incurred when the benefit is consumed
Accrued expense [p. 300]
an expense that has been incurred but
not yet paid
Accumulated depreciation [p. 305]
the value of a non-current asset that has
been consumed over its life so far
Adjusted Gross Profit [p. 228]
Gross Profit less Stock loss (or plus
Stock gain)
Advice [p. 7]
the provision to the owner of a range
of options appropriate to their aims/
objectives, and recommendations as to
their suitability
Analysing [p. 338]
examining the financial reports in detail
to identify changes or differences in
Asset [p. 16]
a resource controlled by the entity (as a
result of past events), from which future
economic benefits are expected
Asset Turnover (ATO) [p. 346]
an efficiency indicator that assesses how
productively a business has used its
assets to earn revenue
Balance day adjustment [p. 296]
a change made to a revenue or expense
on balance day to show revenues
earned and expenses incurred in a
particular reporting period

Balance Sheet [p. 18]
an accounting report that details a firm’s
financial position at a particular point in
time by reporting its assets, liabilities
and owner’s equity

Capital contribution [p. 54]
an internal source of finance consisting
of cash (or other assets) contributed to
the business from the personal assets of
the owner

Bank overdraft [p. 55]
an external source of finance provided
by a bank that allows the account holder
to withdraw more than their current
account balance

Capital Gain [p. 37]
a return generated from...

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