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Gm Paper

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General Motors: Will it Lead to Success?

1. General Motor has 2 basic strategy types. I believe them to be defenders and prospectors. They are defenders because I believe they are an expert at producing and selling narrowly defined products. They tend to stick with what they now best, selling vehicles. According to the article it states “For decades the company focused on selling as many cars as possible and propping up its U.S. market share…” so by that being said that shows that GM is focused on what they know best.   I also think that they could be prospectors. GM create they own opportunities; they don’t always what for them to happen. For the most part they focus on developing new products or services and seeking out new things, rather than waiting for them to happen. In order to keep up in the market they have to keep up with what in style and what people want. Mr. Ammann of GM says “we are targeting out best in class peers.” They want to target the ones that are willing to buy their products.
2. I believe GM’s vision is to jump above the competition. To be consistent on giving customers what they want and need in a vehicle and always improving on things they can do better on. I think that it’s very much realistic. I think that if they continue to try to stay ahead of the game or even one step ahead and think of new inventive ideas that are affordable, I think it could be very realistic. If they plan out what they what their goals and vision to be. It can help them check their progress, coordinate activates, and think ahead may help them cope with uncertainty.
3. The two SMART goals for GM would be where they plan to cut back on their “platforms.” Typically, when someone notes that a vehicle shares another vehicle’s platform, it’s for the purpose of conveying its general size and capability. For Example, the Chevy Volt and Cruze use the same platform as well as the Equinox and the Opel Astra. Chevy’s goals are to cut back from their...

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