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Goals Essay

  • Submitted by: deucy2012
  • on January 27, 2013
  • Category: History
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When   doing   the   LASSI   I   was   kind   of nervous   to   know   the   outcome   but   I   was   also   honest.   I   wanted   to   know   how   I   could   improve,   or work   on   certain   points   as   to   where   I   am   in   my   college   career.
                    When   I   received   my   LASSI   results   I   wasn’t   really   shocked   nor   nervous,   it   was   kind   of   what   I   had   expected   them   to   be.   Me   being   out   of   high   school   for   5   years   now ,   I   have   seen   weaker   and   stronger   sides   to   my   learning   abilities.   I   have   several   areas   that   I   know   I   could   and   need   to   improve   in,   Anxiety,   concentration   and   motivation   are some   of   the   weaker   areas. I   noticed   in   the   past   that   I   would   always   study   for   a   test   last   minute,   or never   study   at   all,   then   come   the   next   day   to   take   the   test   I   would   be very   nervous   and   anxious. When   I   was   in   high   school   I   would   never   concentrate   because   I was   always   worried   about   my   boyfriend   and   what   he   was   doing,   where   he   was,   or   what   I was doing   after   school, now   my   concentration   is   elsewhere   because   of   my   kids.   I   am   a   very   easily   distracted   person, one   minute   I   will   be   focused   about   school   and   the   next   it   will   be   about   food   or   my   children   and   what   they   are   doing.   Therefore   it   also   takes   away   from   my   motivation.   I   feel   that   my   motivation   has   improved   a lot   since   then   because   I   have   to   do   it   for   my   children,   and   getting   a   career   instead   of   just   some   regular   job.   I   find   a lot   of   value   in   what   I   do   because   my   kids   can   also   look   up   to   me,   and   it   sets   something   positive   for   them   to   do.   How   I   would   evaluate   myself   would   be   that   I   feel   like   I   don’t   really   know   much   because   I   have   been   out   of   school   for   so   long.   Sometimes   I   feel   stupid   or   not   smart   enough   to   be   in   school,   also   I   don’t   ever   feel...

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