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Gobstopper Commentary Essay

  • Submitted by: beckyboo123
  • on February 20, 2012
  • Category: English
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I think that overall in ‘Gobstopper’ the turn-taking is fairly regular, which it has to be considering it is a conversation and without turn-taking it would be a one-sided conversation.   There are quite a few overlaps, which can be interpreted differently, for example; some overlaps are accidents, where one speaker thinks that the other speaker has not finished speaking.
‘’MD. Yes I know but I have / another worry                                                                                                                                                                
  BF.                                         / go on.’’
This overlap suggests that it is accidental and ‘BF’ doesn’t realise ‘MD’ is about to speak.
But overlaps are also used to interrupt or for the speaker to get there point across, drawing more attention to their own point rather than the other speakers.
‘’MD. he was awful (.) he was / awful
BF.                                               / rubbish (.) absolute rubbish.’’
This overlap is an example of an interruption, where the speaker BF disagrees and wants the listeners to know about it.   This discussion uses normal conversational adjacency pairs, which is basically a statement followed by an appropriate response and so on.   The speakers don’t seem to ask each other any questions; they just seem to be voicing their own opinions.
This text demonstrates quite a lot of pauses and micro-pauses.   As the speaking is fairly spontaneous there are quite a few micro-pauses, as the speaker is still collecting their thoughts, so there is a slight delay.   Some pauses suggest that the speaker needs time to think about what he’s going to say next, especially the longer pauses e.g. ‘(2.0)’.
There are several examples of ellipsis to show that the speaker is spontaneously speaking, so this makes it more fast-paced which leads to them missing out words, which would normally be used in speech.   For example; ‘good thing (.) good left-sided player...

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