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God Is Dead Essay

  • Submitted by: DanilynMateo1
  • on October 20, 2013
  • Category: English
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“God is dead”… this is one of the line that caught my attention and interest to watch a certain anime. In the story, knowing that God died there after a battle discord between the Fallen Angels, Angels, and Devils. At that time, the balance of the world was broken. In this anime, God really died. For instance, if it is true well, as a young student who was raised in a Christian way, I completely don’t believe with this idea.
We live in a world beset by a lot of problems and sufferings. Some of these problems are after effects of natural calamities while others are product of man’s making. People’s lives are in constant flux, bringing many difficulties and restlessness along with them.   But this doesn’t mean that God is dead. It’s just that He doesn’t intervene to human’s activities all the time. Humans are rational creatures. They have the ability to think and decide for themselves.
Moreover, God has given humans the free will to make choices that may affect their destiny. God should not be blamed for having people who lack discipline and morality. Having these people doesn’t mean that God is dead. He is alive. He is watching over us. He has put us in different circumstances to test our faith. Finally, He wants to see who the true believers are.
I think he just end up to that conclusion because humans became very dependent to God to the point that they thought that their good fortunes and even their sufferings were all His decisions. What humans can do without God? Also, what can we attain if He would abandon us? These queries do not require a deep assessment simply because the answer is “none’. We are nothing without the presence of God. There might be some people who has a ton of wealth and acts like rulers of the world but all of those were given by God. This world and this life were all from Him and no one knows when He will take back all of these.
We might not feel His presence all the time but He never fails to extend his arms when we are in need. His...

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