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Godiva Essay

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Q.1 Discussion questions 1. Define "the product" offered by Godiva. ldentify the different levels of the product. Discuss the attempts made by the management to come up with an augmented product.
The product offered by Godiva is an affordable and accessible one that is made for every-day sharing. There are three different levels of the product: the core product, the actual product and the augmented product.
The core of the product represents the benefit of this product, the benefit that makes it valuable to its consumers; in this case the reputation of Godiva Chocolatier (high end brand).
The actual product is “Godiva Gems”, the tangible, physical good.
The augmented product, the non-physical part of it, is the fact that it makes a premium quality brand available in supermarkets at a lower price and the fact that it is accessible for everyday consumption.
Q.1 Identify the product offered by Godiva . Identify the different levels of the product.   Discuss the attempts made by the management to come up with an augmented product. What is their product?
•Traditionally, high quality and relatively expensive chocolates
• Recently, high end, but more affordable and easily accessible chocolate in the form of their Godiva Gems
There are 3 different levels of the product: 1. Core product – benefit of the product high-end brand (reputation of the brand) 2. Actual Product – tangible, physical good (Godiva Gems) 3. Augmented Product: additional
The Augmented Product
• Decreased price to increased market access
• Changed packaging to make it more affordable and “sharable”
• Maintained quality of their product
Q.2Do you think that the Godiva brand could be damaged after the introduction of the new product to the lower end of the market? Do you see any risk of cannibalization of this line extension for the existing product line? Why or why not? Discuss.
The Godiva brand will not be damaged by “Godiva Gems”...

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