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Gold Rush/ Oklahoma Land Rush Essay

  • Submitted by: pastorj39
  • on September 18, 2012
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Gold Rush Oklahoma Land Rush

By 1840’s slowly but surely people were entering and moving into California. However, when, in 1848, gold was discovered up by San Francisco, it changed everything (). People began to flock to the area hoping to discover their fortune in gold. Towns began to spring up with thousands of new settlers entering the area. For years this continued even as resources became less and less. The promise of gold was just too tempting. The movement of so many people from all over the country and the world to California and the west was a huge factor in the development of the US. Had the gold not been discovered, there might have continued to be the slow migration of people into California and the west. However, the growth might not have been near as great and the wealth that was created for entrepreneurs and other business men during this time might not have been near as significant in their own personal wealth but also in forming towns. The influx of people for the gold rush also was probably a different type of people than would have settled there with the slow steady migration of people. So even the personality or character of the types of towns that were formed were influenced by the gold rush.

The Oklahoma land rush was very influential in the development and expansion of the U.S. On April 22, 1889   the U.S. government opened up the Oklahoma territory for anyone who wanted to stake their claim to some of the land(Howard, 1889.). People came from all over for the chance to own their own   piece of land. By making all this land available all at once it made for instant towns and development of Oklahoma. It brought people from all over to help expand the U.S. in it’s growth and development further west. What might have taken years and years happened in one day. It expediated the growth of the nation in that area. It also brought people to the area that might not have otherwise ever even considered living there or branching that far out of...

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