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Google Analytics Essay

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Below is an essay on "Google Analytics" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Google analytics is a very interesting service that Google provides for free. The service provided is mostly for marketers to retrieve information on their web page statistics. Google Analytics can track the source of your traffic on your webpage. The service provides detailed reports for your business on where you are getting traffic on your site. There are three forms of traffic: direct, referral and search engines. When the searcher puts your exact web address on the browser, it is known as direct traffic, the referral traffic is other sites that refer your companies website and finally the search engine traffic is when people are directed to your website through Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Another interesting feature provided is the “Dash Board” where you find reports that are created based on the information from your site. These reports and graphs are very helpful because it provides information on your searchers. You can obtain information of new visitors, continuous visitors, keywords used, duration of their visit, the pages visited and even what page on your site is the most popular.

I believe that this feature is incredible, you can obtain so much information from your website to benefit your company. Google analytics allows you to successfully and accurately improve your website because of the amount of information received you can spot that errors or issues to improve. An added bonus to all the other features is the ability to create reports and email them for presentations, reviews, etc. This service allows you to schedule reports to email daily, monthly, weekly, etc. You have a huge range of data to aid your company in improving your webpage or the keywords used.

I have learned that using all your capabilities and converting them into knowledge is very beneficial for a company. As the Mary Hall Gregg, the CIO of Quest Diagnostics stated, “you must live the business”. In a business you must communicate with your team, customer, suppliers,...

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