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Google in China Essay

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The case clearly highlights unique issues of doing business in China. The question to be asked is whether companies facing such issues should take them in their stride as trade-offs of doing business in China or stand-up to what defines their existence? Who wins/who loses? Are there some lessons for companies who haven’t yet entered China?
For a person like me who has been bought up in freer democratic world, it’s difficult to imagine what kind of right government has to hide facts from its citizen? Use all possible tools to censor media? Spy on people whom it feels threaten their existence? To the outer world the reality of living in China can be viewed as similar to living in Oceania, fictional country made famous by George Orwell’s novel 19841. Living in a country controlled by ‘The Party’ (Communist Party of China) which is under the control of Inner party elite and punishes any individualism or independent thinking (thoughtcrimes).   But as always, reality is more complex than fiction.
China has come a long way from the days of Cultural Revolution when the country was fraught with social and institutional woes. Its stellar economic growth over last three decades has raised standard of living for millions of Chinese people. Since 2007 Financial Crisis it has been argued that China has become one of the primary growth engines for the modern economic world, so much so that if the Chinese economy sneezes, financial markets all over the world catch fever. How did all this happen? It is no accident but a result of carefully planned, controlled and orchestrated policies adopted by the Chinese government. But as with any good, there comes evil. China has long been viewed as country where human rights are grossly violated, environmental deterioration is disregarded and freedom of speech non-existent. More so criticized are the Chinese authorities who control information flow over the most significant invention on the 20th century – the Internet. So if you are an...

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