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Government Regulation of Tobacco Products Essay

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Government Regulation of Tobacco Products
Since the 1960s, the U.S. Surgeon General issued a report that declared cigarettes to be a health hazard, since that time not much has changed in awareness of the hazards of cigarette smoking.   In 2009 President Obama signed a bill called “the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.” U.S. Food and Drug Administration (2012)   The act was intended to control the tobacco industry and its practices of marketing to children and knowingly adding carcinogens into their products.   President Obama smoked cigarettes at a younger age and felt compelled to make a statement regarding his experience of smoking as a teenager.   Even though Obama sounded hypocritical.   He felt it was his duty to inform the public of how hard it was to kick the habit of smoking cigarettes after smoking for so long.   The new law enabled the FDA with the power to restrict advertising to children in addition to allowing the FDA to regulate the cigarette manufacturing process.   This was a shift for the tobacco companies as not much had been done to regulate their industry.   It was the first time in history that the government had influence over policy in the tobacco industry.  
The data from 2009 shows “one in five people in the United States still smoked and more than 400,000 died each year from smoking-related diseases. An additional 1,000 Americans under the age of 18 became regular smokers each day, according to conservative government estimates.” Lawrence & Weber (2011) The Company that fought the most was Reynolds American, which is the parent company of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.   Reynolds lobbied against regulation by insinuating the FDA was over its head and overwhelmed.   Reynolds ran TV ads that illustrated how badly the FDA would be able to enforce the laws.   The question was the FDA wasn't doing a satisfactory job of currently ensuring the safety of food and drugs and how could they successfully take on regulating the tobacco...

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