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Gran Tarino Essay

  • Submitted by: yakuzaprincemark
  • on October 5, 2012
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Question 3: Apply Hofstede’s model of culture to both the Vang family and Walt’s family as viewed in the film text Gran Torino.
                Introduction: Nowadays, people from all over the world have begun to move out of their countries into a completely inexperienced environment. Different characteristic of people depends on their unique cultures. This causes people of different cultures learn to live with each other. Gran Torino is a good example to show a situation where acculturation occurs. Acculturation mentions the process of meeting between cultures and changes which result from such meetings (Wikipedia, 2011). Gran Torino shows how can people from different cultures understands each other and live harmoniously in the same village. According to the movie, Walt Kowalski is a retired Polish American and Korean War veteran (IMDb). He is a grumpy, unhappy an old man who cannot get along with either his kids or his neighbors. Walt was from a conservative white background whereas his neighbors (Vang family) were from the Hmong tribe, originally from Laos. Walt has traditional older generation white beliefs while his neighbors are more inclined towards their own culture. The relationship between Walt and Vang family changes throughout the movie. Although Walt originally scorned his neighbors, his admiration of their culture influenced him to befriend them. To begin with, this essay will discuss how individual characteristic of Walt is and why Walt underestimated his neighbors in the beginning. Next, the essay will be looking at Hmong family and how do they treat on Walt. Then, it will focus on how Walt views about them changes over time. Finally, the essay will analyze how Walt befriends and protects them.
Body: In the film, Gran Torino, Walt enjoys himself being alone in a small house and he does not have a close relationship with his neighbors including his own family. “I have never been close to my two sons, I did not know them” Walt says. This reflects...

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