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Gran Torino Essay

  • Submitted by: marlijenkins
  • on February 17, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Gran Torino

Walt, played by Clint Eastwood is a Korean War Veteran and retired Ford Motor Company employee and he lives in Michigan with his dog Daisy.   With the loss of his wife, Walt seems grouchy and lonely.   Over the years Walt has seen his Michigan neighborhood go from mostly autoworkers to immigrants and his new neighbors is a Hmong family.   Walt is very rude to his neighbors calling them swamp rats and telling them that he had stacked people just like them five feet high in Korea.   However, after attending a family get together with the Hmong family he seems to bond with Sue and Thao and they become very close.   In the end, Walt gives up his life to protect Thao against gang members.
In the beginning of this movie, you are shocked at the language that Walt uses and how he talks to his teenage immigrant neighbors.   Walt calls them some very nasty words and tells them to keep their hands off his dog Daisy and not to eat her.   Sue has a great personality and jokingly tells Walt they only eat cats.   Words are very hurtful and how Sue and her brother Thao tolerated this type of treatment is beyond me.   I guess this is something that only Clint Eastwood can get away with.   I have noticed that a lot of Americans like to belittle other cultures and call them names or make comments about their culture or traditions however; you do not see this in other cultures.  
I think it is hard for Walt to accept his new neighbors and his ignorance shows regarding their culture.   I feel that the combination of living in Michigan his entire life and the loss of his wife made Walt a very angry man.   Walt seems to live in the past reminiscing about when his wife was living and how things use to be when the Ford factory was running strong.   When Walt talks about his two sons he describes them and their families as spoiled and self-centered.   Walt is very lonely and his two sons always seem to be avoiding him.   However, Walt has an extraordinary Gran Torino that came from...

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