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Gray Wolf Essay

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Ashley Wilson

Mrs. Thomas

Wildlife Conservation (online)

28 September 2013

                                          Gray Wolf the Endangered Species

The gray wolf which also goes by the Tundra wolf or Timber wolf is the largest of the Canid family of wolves. The canid family is known to have thirty-five species in its group. Some of which include the red wolf, the gray wolf, gray fox, artic fox, and a few more that inhabit the wild of North America. Though there are several species of wolf, the gray wolf was once found in the Northern Hemisphere.

Largest in North America, the gray wolf can range in different colors depending on which forest of Tundra they range upon. They can live up to ten to eighteen years and average the length of 102-163 cm. An adult may even weigh in up to 85-115 pounds, but smaller is the female weighing 50 to 100 pounds. Considered the world’s most natural villain, the gray wolf has rarely ever attacked humans. However, they may take it upon them to attack our everyday domesticated animals like our dogs, rabbits, cats, or even our livestock, which can cause tragedy because then they are trapped and shot.

Now the gray wolf near extinction has now been reintroduced. Though there aren’t many left that inhabit our world. Unlike before these animals were common to Alaska, the United States, and even Canada. Now the range of these wolfs cover up to fourteen states, which include Mississippi, Delaware, Florida, Arkansas, and many more. Thanks to the program, the gray wolf has been reintroduced and making quite a comeback. They can now be seen in the Northern States of Montana, Idaho, and Colorado.

Some interesting facts that I have learned about these animals is how they hunt. The gray wolf hunts in a pack that can consist of two to a dozen of wolfs. However, their prey can depend on their size of the pack needed to kill it. When in the pack itself, the Alphas which is the head female and male are the dominate pair...

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