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Greed Essay

  • Submitted by: nadinehobbs
  • on October 7, 2012
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Is greed destroying our country? Greed comes from the love of money and power, which is the root of all evil. One major cause of greed comes from the government and corporate firms that contribute to their temptation to do what is needed for them to obtain wealth and power within their industry. One should ask themselves, is greed destroying our country? The answer would be “yes.” Greed is the one of the seven sins, which allows for one to become obsessive and desire to take more than any one person deserves. Once greed consumes an individual it takes over their thought process and rationality to do what is right in today's society.
The Microsoft Encarta dictionary defines greed as "an overwhelming desire to have more of something such as money than is actually needed." This definition cannot be argued with for it is plain and simple, giving the essence of the word. But to millions, perhaps billions of people, greed is something else. Some people portray greed as being qualities of the evil, selfish, and corrupt. Although these viewpoints may be partially true, greed cannot be condemned as solely being an escapee of Pandora's box. Let us agree that greed is pursuing actions guided by rational self-interest. This means that anything outside food and water acquired at the cost of anyone else, no matter little they are affected can be defined as greed.
The government is one of the reasons on why greed is destroying the country. Their greed trickles down into our society and is reflected in the bills they approve in Congress. These individuals with the power to create a better atmosphere for all individuals are only focused on their own greed to get ahead in today's society. Their greed causes a butterfly effect that destroys jobs, relationships, laws, and any other aspect one can imagine. For example, a Police Officers duty is to protect and serve our communities; however, a cash payment on a continuous basis can turn a blind eye towards crime. This effect...

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