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Greek Myth Medicine Essay

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  • on October 4, 2012
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The medicine of Greece is considered the first modern age of medicine. It is the foundation of all the medicine today. The doctors of that age were so advanced they actually had different types of doctors that specialized in different forms of medicines and parts of the human body. They mostly made their medicine out of herbs and even performed surgery. Many techniques and medicines that were discovered or invented back then are still used present day. Greece was also full of many historical and influential doctors and physicians.
One of the first and greatest doctors of Greeceā€™s history was Hippocrates. He is known as the father of modern medicine. His father was a physician and he studied at the sanctuary of healing, called the Asklepion. He believed that illness and injury had a rational explanation, not just caused by fate or gods. He also believed that you must treat the whole body not just assumed affected parts. Another one of his techniques were that practice of eating right, clean air and exercise. He even formed his own school on the island of Cos, Greece. Another milestone doctor was Paracelsus, he is thought to be first doctor to cure people with drugs. He killed several people with them, but also healed many.
They used many types of medicines in ancient Greece. Most consisted of the wide knowledge on herbs. They used many herbs such as anise, cucumber, honey, olive oil, and many more. They would combine many different herbs together to for the medicine. One important medicine that they used was wine. Wine had many healing properties to it, the biggest one being able to calm and relax the patient. The wine would have been used before a patient was observed or going through surgery. Many of the herbs were also used for beauty and appearance. A heath technique, frequent bathing, kept many healthy by reducing chance of catching diseases. Good hygiene was made widely known by the teachings of Hippocrates.
The people of Greece had many...

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