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Green Heater Project Business Administration Essay

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As a small business of only 100 employees we aim to minimize costs and maximize profit while still being mindful of the planet. In the first year of operation, it is expected that our company Green Heaters Pty Ltd. will sell 650,000 heaters, with an expectation to turn profit.
Our organization considers itself to be young and hip as well as alternative. We pride ourselves on offering a cheap, reliable yet environmentally friendly heater compared to other brands in the market.

Information Entry

  * We have to be aware of policies and procedures, to organize information. Those and similar, supporting documents can be used within an organization from some forms on internet, any other type of department, also employers or other agencies.

  * All those documents can include any different templates, checklist, feedback statement and other documents, which should be related and useful for further work.

  * Looking from the perspective of policies and procedures, we have to consider size of organization; all employees who are involved in document production and especially budget, which has the main part.

  * Within starting new documents, all these regulation are compromised to the size of organization, legislative requirements and timeframe, which has to be available to create a new document.


  * Within developing and designing new documents, we have to store them, be aware of privacy and thinking of important information, which we are going to share with. As documents could be very confidential, always have to think of password option or either doing copies.

  * It is better to make an electronic copy, if it has to be reprinted, as hard copies could be often damaged. As we know, with today technology, we can find lost documents easier on any of devices, unless they are making any of troubles.


  * All documents are used for different purposes. Clients, customers, employees and other...

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