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Greenhouse Effect Essay

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  • on February 20, 2012
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The greenhouse effect can be termed as the trapping of heat which is done by gases that can are found within the atmosphere. These gases include methane and carbon dioxide. Despite the fact that these gases occur only in small quantities, they have the capability to trap a massive amount of heat which thus prevents it from escaping into hence keeping the Earth warm enough for us to survive. Our atmosphere is made up of a thin layer of gas that surrounds the earth. The trapping of the gases which brings about a green house effect makes life on the sustainable, but it also has the potential to destroy life as we know it.

      About a third of the sun’s energy is usually reflected back to earth through bright surfaces, water and even glaciers. However, two thirds of this energy is absorbed by planet Earth. This results to warming of oceans, lands, and air/atmosphere. Much of this heat is usually radiated back into space, but some is stored in the atmosphere. This process is what is called greenhouse effect. Without it, Earth’s temperature would be very low (about -18 degrees Celsius), despite the sun’s constant energy supply. Our goal in this paper is to determine what greenhouse effect is, its causes, effects and ways to slow it down.

Causes of greenhouse effect

      Heat that is caused by infrared radiation is absorbed by “greenhouse gases” like water vapor, methane and carbon dioxide, which limit its escape from the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases may constitute only about 1 percent of the atmosphere but they significantly regulate climate by trapping heat and holding in warm air. They can be thought as a blanket surrounding the planet.

How humans contribute to greenhouse effect.

      Greenhouse effect can be hazardous when accelerated than naturally normal rates. A huge contributor of this un-natural acceleration is human activities such as some farming practices and land-use changes which...

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