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Greening the Fast Food Industry Essay

  • Submitted by: azrichie
  • on January 8, 2013
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Richard Rodriguez
Alexis LaDuca
ENG 101-26857
17 November 2012
Greening the Fast Food Industry
After purchasing a meal or a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop, it is always disheartening to dispose of all the packaging together in the same refuse container. I often look at those containers and wonder what can we do which will not impact the environment; and at the same time that will not impact the way businesses conduct their sales. Many fast food restaurants have been making a move called “Greening Fast Food Packaging” and “Going Green”. These are environmental moves towards the reduction of land fill deposits. They are also centered on making packaging designs more efficient, with still less paper usage. By instilling environmental movements that reduce, reuse, and recycle, we can exponentially cut down on our environmental impact and waste.  
First of all, education is the key to successful recycling. Fast food employees would have to be educated on the correct ways to recycle, and how to separate recyclable items from refuse; therefore reducing solid waste. Second there would have to be up front modifications to restaurants to install recycling bins together with the trash receptacles. This can be an easy modification and can be built into future stores as well as retrofitting current stores. Third would be to install the large recycling containers in the same area as most business keep their trash dumpster to deposit all the collected recyclable materials. With this infrastructure in place, the public now has the responsibility to do their part in separating the items at the end of their meal.
Along with the recycling infrastructure, many fast food names are doing their part on the reduction of environmental deposits, starting with paper reduction. Mc Donald’s has reduced the paper in its napkins by 21%.   In the UK it has cut out 84 tons of paper annually since 2010 just by reducing the size of their bun tray liners. They have also gone to...

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