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Growing Up Asian in Australia Context Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on August 6, 2015
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Moving around in my earlier life was difficult to say the least, however not one relocation was as hard as Vietnam. I was born in Australia where I lived till I was five, by that stage my parents, both relatively wealthy doctors and both chronic travellers were going crazy. They liked to move a lot, and I mean a lot. Before moving to Vietnam I had lived in New York for 2 years, Paris for 4 years and Rome for another 3, all of which I was able to adapt to, New York everyone spoke English and I found friends easy to come by and in both France and Italy although it was hard at first to learn the new language and life style, I adapted, Vietnam was different though…
Vietnam was completely different to anywhere I had ever been, in both France and Italy although I didn’t speak a word of the language on arrival, there was something familiar where I couldn’t understand it, I could hear a conversation but not understand any of it, but I could understand what it was about, certain familiar words would pop out and syllables and tones would give me enough information to tell me when a person’s smart car was stuck on the sidewalk, behind another smart car, yelling loudly and making extravagant hand gestures causing everything to seem so much more dramatic then it truly was, this was an hourly occurrence in Rome by the way. The Background Sounds everywhere I had been felt familiar somehow, the ones in Vietnam had not.
I was nearly 15 when my parents came up with the ‘most brilliant idea’ to move to Vietnam “it will be an adventure!” they said enthusiastically one late afternoon, “An exotic world full of different culture and food and people”. That was that, I had no say, when they wanted to do something they wouldn’t give up even if one Rome’s crazy drivers ran them down in a smart car. We were moving and there was nothing in the universe that could reverse the decision.
The first week I Vietnam wasn’t too bad. I stayed in our newfound home, acting as a hermit, cautious to go...

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