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Gsm Chennel Essay

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Lecture # 01
Logical Channel

Logical channel is consists of two channels.
    • Common Channel.
    • Dedicated Channel.

Common channel is also consists of two channels.
    • BCH ( Broadcast Channel )
    • CCCH ( Common Control Channel )

Broadcast Channel ( BCH )

  1- Frequency Correction Channel ( FCH ):

    • This is a flag you mean like a tag which help to enable MS ( MS means Mobile) to find the TRX from number of TRXs.

  2- Synchronization Channel ( SCH ):

    • It reduce the BSIC & TDMA frame.

      3-   Broadcast Control Channel ( BCCH ):

    • It has complete information of Network and Cell such as :

  b)Frequency Hopping Sequence.
  c)Channel Combination.
  d)Paging Group.
  e)Info. of neighbors cell.
  f)Careful frequency plan needed to make BCCH TRX clean.

  Common Control Channel ( CCCH )

  1-Paging Channel ( PCH ):

    • This is Broadcast Channel and it broadcast to MS until the call terminate.
    • It broadcast to all BTS which has different Location ( LA ).
    • Basic knowledge, it has the information of Particular MS or User.

  3- Random Access Channel ( RACH ):

    • It initiate the transaction of MS   and respond to PCH.

  4- Access Grant Channel ( AGCH ):

    • It answer to RACH and use SDCCH.

Dedicated Channel ( DCH )

There are four dedicated channels.

    • SDCCH
    • SACCH
    • FACCH
    • TCH

SDCCH ( Stand alone dedicated channel ):

1-System Signaling
2-Call Setup
4-Location Update
5-Assigned the TCH
6-Transmission of short messages ( SMS )

SACCH ( Slow associated control channel ):

1-Send measurement report from MS to RBS or BTS
2-Power Control
3-Time Alignment, short messages SMS

FACCH ( Fast associated control channel ):

1-when need the handover then it create the map for handover purpose.

TCH ( Traffic channel ):

  1- Full Rate or Half Rate
  2- TCH is used for...

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