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Gulp Essay

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The Playright – John Townsend
John Townsend is a children’s writer of over a hundred books, many of which are non-fiction covering diverse subjects such as history, geography, science, medicine, crime, and natural history. Having taught in both primary and secondary schools (including running a special needs department in a comprehensive school), he has experience of all ages, abilities and most curriculum subjects including drama & writing/producing the dreaded school plays.
Lord Septic is determined to find the long lost gold owned by Lady Gatsby. Lady Gatsby was murdered. Lord Septic buys the railway line in the hope of finding the gold. Meanwhile, Rose who is blind comes to sell flowers to help her sick mother. Lord Septic instructs Crouch to get her out of the station. He takes her flowers and throws them onto the tracks. Percy. Who is a young orphan comes to her rescue but he is knocked down by Lord Septic. Lord Septic and Crouch then tie Rose to a railway track. She finds about Percy’s true identity and the gold. Percy is the heir to the Gatsby gold and is known as Sir Percy. Lord Septic loses everything.
• EXPOSITION – Lord Septic, the villain, and his servant Crouch, a bully, are waiting for the midnight express at the train station. Lord Septic owns the train stations and he wants wealth and power.
• RISING ACTION/CONFLICT – Rose, a blind flower girl comes to the station. Crouch bullies her and Percy, the hero comes in to help her. He tells her about himself.
• CLIMAX – Lord Septic hits Percy and ties Rose to the train track. Percy runs off to try and stop the train coming down the track.
• FALLING ACTION – Percy stops the train and Rose is saved. Percy learns that he is Sir Percy Gatsby and heir to the Gatsby Gold.
• RESOLUTION – Lord Septic and Crouch, the villains, are tied up and waiting to be picked up...

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