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Gun Rights and Gun Control Essay

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  • on August 5, 2015
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Gloria Neal
June 7, 2013
Professor Victoria Smith

Gun Rights and Gun Control
The controversy over gun rights and gun control is a problem that has been around for years and it continues to gain attention with every shooting that takes place. The recent shootings from Newtown, Connecticut, and Aurora, Colorado have created even more problems for responsible gun owners both with owning firearms and trying to purchase new firearms. In a recent editorial in Surgical Neurology International Miguel Faria states, “ Politicians are once again calling for gun control without examining other psychosocial factors that play a tremendous role in gun violence” (Faria Jr., 2013, p. 85). Due to the unjustified acts of certain individuals, government officials are trying to revoke the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms from responsible gun owners.
A quote that I hear quite often referring to guns is “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. This is a statement that I agree with even though it sounds harsh. There are millions of deadly car accidents annually, why are we not banning cars? One could ask the same with regards to drowning’s and stabbings, why are we not banning pools and knives? The same precautions taken when one gets behind the wheel or dives into a swimming pool needs to be taken with firearms.  
Deaths, murders and other related injuries are caused at the hands of someone for whatever reason they see fit. This is the way they see justice being served.   The tools that are used are at no fault of their own and are just that, a tool. Yes the mass shootings that have taken place are horrific violent acts but it is the individual that committed these acts that need to be punished, not all individuals that own or poses a firearm. Faria stated it best, “Let’s stop demonizing guns and end the shootings by incarcerating the criminals and healing the sick” (Faria Jr., 2013, p. 90). If individuals in need of mental health care were to get the care they...

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