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Haha Essay

  • Submitted by: ichi15
  • on January 8, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
  • Length: 330 words

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Haffis said-; Ea ? Okay lah~~*cepat2 buat posing & buat peace sambil senyum] Awww x3 (Didn’t expect him to do that x3) Mase tu gambar die tak clear, I said-> Tak nampak sangat lah~ :(] Haffis-> Tak Nampak eh ? Bagos =] ] Erkk -.-“ It was raining dot2 a bit faster. Kadet Polis got Number 1 ! >.< Congrats !! >.< PBSM number 2 >.< walao , haha. Humairah senpai said she wants to drop me home :0 I said I don’t want many times >.< Bukannye tak suke, tapi takot menyusahkan >.< She called her mum already xD Walao xD Then, some of the students went back and some of them were waiting for the rain to stop. Humairah senpai, Dersini and me sat at pondok. I already said to Fitrah that Humairah senpai nak tumpang saye. Chitchat with my closest & dearest senpai x] *rikun* and with my bestie x] Fai dah balek dah x] Cakap bye & lambai kat die x] *oh! Senpai minat kat Fai san x] name Japan die ‘Fye-kun*Then, Haffis datang slow2 macam kat movie x] Walking slowly while feeling the rain x] geeta ambek kesempatan, ambek gambar die xD Haha , LoL. Then I said->Bye Haffis ! :D] Die pon lambai2 gitu x] Haha >///< Haha xD Dersini was just ... damn shocked I guess xD She said-> Ohmygad *with a shocking face x] ] LoL ! xD Then, when he go back only, senpai’s mum came already x] It was raining heavily all of a sudden x) Haha, then, I reached home safely~ Thanks to senpai :3 I love you senpai xD I had so much fun with you senpai xD and of course, with Haffis too ! x] Haffis’s birthday is on Monday, 2 July, I still have no idea what to give him == Kay, Night Chappy :*

Bufday Haffis ^^ I gave him a birthday card and two packets of chokichoki ^^ die cakap           -> thanks, ade surat ? *tengok2] haha xD

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  • Submitted by: ichi15
  • on January 8, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
  • Length: 330 words
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